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LTSA International

We support International Students

LTSA welcomes all international students studying on-shore and off-shore. Whether you form part of our metro, regional or online campus communities, LTSA is here for you. We value highly the contributions that our amazing, diverse and culturally rich international students bring to the life and fabric of our student association, and we understand the unique challenges and opportunities our international students face. LTSA has a member of our team dedicated to creating, fostering and enhancing your experience, as well as offering a range of services and support to make your time at LTU successful, enjoyable and inclusive.


LTSA International organises a wide variety of activities and events funded by SSAF, throughout the year. Day trips to various notable locations around Victoria like The Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island will give you the opportunity to explore beautiful scenery, wildlife and historical sites in Victoria. Education, welfare and cultural seminars and workshops will be organised for the LTSA international community in collaboration with other departments and organisations. We run fun events like trivia nights, bingo and TikTok competitions for students to engage and socialize. Cultural performances are also provided giving students the opportunity to learn about other cultures and showcase their own culture and talents.












LTSA is governed by students for students, is funded by student SSAF money, and exists to ‘make student life better’. 

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