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LTSA - What do we do?

LTSA work hard to make student life better! We provide outstanding student support and services for La Trobe Students on the Bendigo, City, Mildura, Shepparton and Wodonga campuses, and to support all International Students. We are funded by your SSAF (Student Services and Amenities Fee), a compulsory fee charged to La Trobe Uni students to fund non-academic services and amenities.

So what are we doing with your money?

We support our Student Councils

LTSA is governed by an elected student Board of Directors who want you to have the best possible time at uni. We are passionate about making student life better, it's as simple as that!


We provide a voice for students, advocating for the best possible student experience. We tackle the issues that are important to you, and provide support when needed. We aim to create a lively community that fosters enjoyment, interaction and opportunities and help make your life as a student better. 

We support International Students

LTSA welcomes all international students studying on-shore and off-shore. Whether you form part of our metro, regional or online campus communities, LTSA is here for you. We value highly the contributions that our amazing, diverse and culturally rich international students bring to the life and fabric of our student association, and we understand the unique challenges and opportunities our international students face. LTSA has a member of our team dedicated to creating, fostering and enhancing your experience, as well as offering a range of services and support to make your time at LTU successful, enjoyable and inclusive.



We engage with students


We are committed to providing a wide range of engagement opportunities to suit every student.  Whether you are a city or regional student, international, domestic, or online, LTSA is here for you.

LTSA is governed by students for students, is funded by SSAF money, and exists to ‘make student life better’. 

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